Paintball Rocabruna (Camprodon)

We are pleased to announce the opening of this new sport activity and adventure of the Camprodon Valley: Paintball.

Just 10 minutes from the town of Camprodón, in the neighborhood of Rocabruna, specifically in the vicinity of the houses of Can Soler, we have enabled a paintball field complete with security zones, obstacles and hiding places in the forest.

The project was born from the collaboration between Rourevell and Racons Aventura, experts experienced in this game, who will be in charge of carrying out the assembly and will make the functions of referees and managers of the groups participating on.

To make your reservation call: 646 48 79 66

What Paintball is about?

Paintball is a sport in which participants use air guns called markers to shoot small paint balls against other players. In essence it is a persecution complex game, as players touched by paintballs during the game are eliminated.
A paint ball is a thin gelatin capsule round colored liquid inside. The contents of the capsules is not toxic, dissolves in water and is biodegradable. Wash clothing and skin with soap and water without any problem.
Any player that is "marked" in any body part or even the weapon is removed from the game.

The Game:

The games have an average duration of 10 or 15 minutes depending on the number of participants, the size of land and type of game being played.
Although there are many variations of the game, the group is always divided into two teams and the common objective is to eliminate the opposing team, but also can play "capture the flag", "protect the hostage "," ambush "," conquest ", etc.
Between games, participants take a break and take the opportunity to review the team recharged more paintballs, have a drink and discuss the move.


Our field:

The adventure begins in the era or patio of Can Soler, there our fellow Racons Aventura guys will be awaiting for a short briefing of how the game works and will distribute the material: how the markers, what to do when you eliminate , what safety standards should be taken into account, etc.
You can adorn yourself with the outfit, mask and markers at the multipuropose room.
The field is only a few meters from the houses, following the path that crosses the stream Rocabruna up to the forest, there each team will be guided to your own areas and play.



Age:  from 12 years old.

Duration: from 1:30 to 3 hours depending on the group dynamics and the amount of balls they have.

Nº de participants: at least 8 people. If your are less, please contact to join another group.



Paintball with 100 balls: 26€

100 extra balls: 7,5 €



Racons aventura provides: outfit,  mask, a semiautomatic marker ("gun") with 100 paintballs 100% biodegradable and a referee. Just wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

It is recommended to adapt the dress according to the season we are in, to avoid excessive heat or cold.

Reservations: 646 48 79 66