Agreement signed to preserve the chapel of Sant Valentí de Salarça
Ermita romànica de Salarça
Recently the Alta Garrotxa Consortium  has signed an agreement with the City of Camprodón Friends of Alta Garrotxa in order to preserve the chapel Saint Valentine of Salarça, as we read on the web this week the consortium. * 
The building was undergoing a gradual deterioration with a danger of imminent collapse of the central tower. It is for this reason that the Friends of Alta Garrotxa requested a grant to the Council of Girona in order to be able to run part of the consolidation project. Shortly expected completion of the works, which represent a step in preserving the rich cultural heritage of our area. 
A cultural heritage of local interest 
For those who do not know the place, the shrine is situated atop a hill that dominates the valley of Salarça, pertaining to the ancient term Beget. It is a Romanesque building of the twelfth century, the small plant with pointed barrel vault and semicircular apse at the east side, with central window ledge and simple lines. The access door is original to the south and consists of a semicircular arch, now blocked. The present entrance is by the west, which was added in the sixteenth century and seventeenth porch with a gabled roof. On the west side sits the belfry of both eyes, with hoods dated, respectively in 1733 and 1761. North, attached to the wall of the temple, there is a stone staircase leading to the belfry. 
Salarça know that Valentine was consecrated in 1168 by Monells Pontius, bishop of Tortosa and abbot of the monastery of San Juan de Abadesas. Fourteenth century there is a quote from "ark of Sancti Valentini," 1362, depending on the parish Beget. 
In late May, for fifteen years, the space hosts the Gathering Salarça **. A meeting of the brotherhood that horses are the stars in which the priest blesses Camprodon before enjoying a paella. 
It is also a perfect place to enjoy nature, as the situation is in the middle of some hiking or biking trails, as Mikel Galceran blogger explains in his blog where he tells one of his trips by region .