7 reasons to choose rural tourism
7 reasons to choose rural tourism

There are hundreds of reasons and moments to choose a rural getaway in front of a car or other experience, consider seven out more here seem particularly pleasant. Still in doubt?

1. Contact with nature

There is nothing better than to fill your lungs with fresh air and hear cowbells cattle approach for their morning snack. Walking through the woods looking for mushrooms, berries or chestnuts, went to bathe in the river or photograph the birds are simple pleasures and available to any.

2. Doing sport outdoors

Quench the adventurous spirit breaking sweat in the mountains: walking, running, stairs, pedal goes fishing, riding ... purifies your body and live unique experiences or discover for the first time how it feels to walk on the back of a horse, what canyoning or the feeling of freedom and satisfaction to reach the top of the mountain with the world at your feet.

3. Good food

In two words: traditional food. Relax and unbuttons his pants extra hole, because you will not find freshest and tastiest grown next to the restaurant. One way to eat craft, where the origin of the food is the same story of the earth.

4. Romantic evenings in front of the fire

A glass of fire and heat up the ideal environment to relax and enjoy the company and the crackling of the wood. Let silences speak and enjoy a moment of peace romantic.

5. Discover the most beautiful corners of your land

There are small Paraisos waiting next door, unique architecture that traces the path of our ancestors and which has led us to be who we are today. These are not mere personal discoveries come guides: people, places, sources, original and authentic bars that preserve the essence that makes them unique.

6. A good barbecue with your

There will always be an expert on Sundays, which stokes the fire, which s'escaqueja and eat it all before that time. It's the perfect excuse to meet up with friends or family to celebrate and share brasejats and the smell of meat, laughs and good taste.


7. ¡Disconnect!

Because there is no better therapy than a few days to forget the hectic pace and obligations. Sit comfortably and relax if there is no coverage, the better.